they are promotional material that promotes programs, corporate companies,  products and seminars.

Promos differ from Corporate Videos in terms of length and they differ from commercials because generally no shoot is involved.

PROMOS  are typically 30 seconds.

If the duration of the promos is 1 minute or 2 minutes, we call them an INTERSTITIAL.

It usually consists of VOX POX, or short soundbites that sound like product endorsements.

PROMOS differ from COMMERCIALS because they are typically aimed at promoting TV programs.

Eyecon regularly produces promos for Ch 8, Ch U and Ch 5,  MediaCorp TV Singapore.

For Corporate clients, Eyecon regularly produces promos for SMRT.

  1. Phua Chu Kang

  2. Ch 5

  1. Reality Fridays

  2. Ch 5


  2. Channel News Asia


  2. Mount Faber


   RADIO  Promos

  1. 娱乐发现 Ch U

  1. Wheels Asia

  2. Mount Faber

  1. 三菜一
    Ch 8

  1. First Class

  2. Ch 5 - Malay Promo

  1. Flash forward

  2. Ch 5 - Tamil Promo

  1. Spirit of Service

  2. Ch 5

  1. The Arena

  2. Ch 5