TV Programs



* Drama, Documentary, Infotainment, Game-show

Eyecon’s team of producers and directors have experience in shooting drama, documentary, infotainment and also game-shows in a studio setting for standard definition and also high definition programs in over 10 countries.

Our TV productions are broadcast over channels: Channel News Asia, Okto, SURIA, MOBTV, Ch U and Ch 8.

Our team of producers are aware of the challenges of overseas production.

From the bustling city of Tokyo to the scorching deserts of Bahrain, our team has conquered all kinds of terrain and cultures.

We are able to assist you in securing location fixing, casting, overcoming the language barriers and ensure a quality production if you need help filming in these countries:

   CultureShock Season 1 & 2 for Channel News Asia

    GX5 for Okto

  Events@sg  for Channel News Asia

   The Singapore Short Story Project for Okto

   Before I Was Awesome for Okto

   Word Champs for Okto

   DEWI for Suria

  The Love Matters Anthology series for Ch 5

A wild and funny word game show shot in the studio.

Contestants have fun with words and if they lose they end up in the MESSY ROOM where they get all gooey and dirty.

In the 3rd segment, the excitement heightens when the game involves balloons.

A series about 3 boys who are misfits wanting to be awesome.

Stars Eunice Olsen, Brendan Fernandez and guest starring Alaric Tay.

Other veterans include Lawrence Pang who appears as the mad man in the forest, Jo Tan who appears as Chris’ mum and Jerry Hoh as Chris’ dad.

A hilarious comedy about the trials and tribulation of growing up.

CultureShock! based on the 30 year old travelogue series by Marshall Cavendish follows Nick Cheadle as he travels 12 countries to experience the culture shocks! in each of them.

Shot in High Definition.

Countries travelled include: India, Japan, Taiwan, China, Bahrain, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

A series that involves 3-D animation, special effects.

About 5 kids who get sucked into a computer game and came out of it possessing super powers.

We were trying to do a special effects, costumed drama that involved chroma-key screens, martial arts and also a very limited budget.

An ambitious project!

Commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board, its a series about the MICE industry.

MICE stands for Meetings Incentives Conventions and Exhibitions

Herballife hosted their annual Honorary Awards ceremony in Singapore, an event that saw thousands of its employees convene from all parts of the world. 

The series goes behind the scenes to look at what it takes to make such an event a success.

A 10 episode series on Modern Malay women.

DEWI means goddess.


An adaptation into a telemovie based on a short story by K.K. Seet.

Shot in modern Singapore and yet made to look like Singapore in the 1960s, with a limited budget.

That is a feat in itself. 

Another ambitious project!

This was shot when Beatrice Chia was still acting. 

Back when Jimmy T is still a star, and Benedict Goh was still a hunk on Caldecott hill.

You can guess pretty much how long that is.