18 years in BUSINESS,
19 TV series,
over 100 corporates

Eyecon was established in 2003, and to date it has produced up to 19 television series and over 100 corporates.
With hit TV series like My Grandfather's Road Seasons 1 & 2, CultureShock! Seasons 1 & 2, Beauty Sense Seasons 1 & 2 under its accolades, Eyecon has made its mark on the local TV industry as an accomplished local production house.

Not only that, it has also worked with many local business establishments to tirelessly craft their corporate and marketing videos throughout the years. With over 100 corporates under its belt, Eyecon is proud to have amassed the experience and expertise to be the go-to consultant for any effective and dynamic corporate video production.

In the age of social media and national digitisation, Eyecon is poised to embrace new technologies such as 3D virtual tours, 360 degrees photography and organising zoom seminars.

Our corporate motto has always been to under-promise but over-deliver. We aim to please! As such, Eyecon is confident to take on all of your content creation needs to your maximum satisfaction.

Our corporate clients


We provide content creation consultancy for all genres and format. Our expertise lies in the ability to create compelling content from ideation to fruition with minimal cost and maximum quality.

We have amassed a huge network of qualified professionals over years of hard-won relationships through countless productions.