Confused about all the different types of corporate videos ? We are here to help you understand and help you create your desired video.


This is a video that will give viewers an overview of your company and the products or services that you offer.   It should include information about your company’s history, its purpose or even a message from your CEO. These types of corporate videos will help customers to understand your brand, what you offer, what your services are as a whole and decide whether or not to engage your company.


This type of video is more specific.  It will basically showcase or highlight one product or services and it can be used to target specific audience. These type of videos are great for product launches.  It is also a great idea to create consumer awareness about the new products and services that your company offers.

This type of video can also be a product demo video, and its aim is to help customers better understand your product. When customers understand your product, this video will help your customers reach a buying decision pro-actively.


Testimonial videos are a great way to connect with potential new customers.

Utilising elements of trust and familiarity, testimonial videos are a powerful way to reach your audience

Getting customers to share about their positive experience with your product will help nudge new customers to buy your product.  You can also utilise testimonials from celebrities.  Utilizing star power, you can potential speak to the new customers with minimal effort.


What better way to help your customers understand your products and service than to get the most knowledgeable person in your company to speak about it. CEO interviews are a great way for you to reach out to your customers by putting a face to your brand. CEO interview videos can be easily produced with the help of teleprompters. That way your CEO do not have to memorise any clunky advertising text, all he needs to do is to show up for the shoot!

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