OUR Services

LEt US handle
your media needs

with over 17 years of industry experience, we offer story-telling expertise, aka content creation consultation for all media platforms. Be it social media, commercials, advertising campaign, corporate videos, marketing videos, branding videos, event coverage, corporate interviews, web series, tv series, we got it all covered. 

Event Management and Coverage

we provide event management and coverage that includes :
- photo-taking with wi-fi, real-time setup
- multi-cameras set-up with live with live broadcast.

Corporates / Commercials / Interviews / Chroma-key

we provide expertise that includes :
- corporate videos
- marketing videos
- social media videos
- commercials
- translation( english / mandarin / malay )
- sub-titling
- corporate interviews with teleprompters
- chroma-key / green screen shoots
- overseas shoot location

we provide professional crew, equipment and direction for corporate interviews

TV Series Productions

we provide expertise that includes the production of :
- dramas
- documentaries
- infotainment
- kids program
- web-series
- talent casting
- location scouting
- overseas production ( we have experience shooting in the following countries -

Graphics / Flash Animation / Motion Graphics

we provide professional work that includes:
- 2D / 3D graphics
- flash animation
- motion graphics.

Audio Editing / Radio Commercials

we provide expertise over :
- radio jingle (english, chinese, malay, tamil)
- audio commercials
- voice-overs recording

Why US?

with over 17 years of industry experience, you cannot go wrong with us.  Moreover, we are a small outfit, so the prices would definitely be lower than what the agencies will charge.  

What You Get

 You will get professional quality work at a competitive price.  And to top it off, we are nice people to work with. Try us, we wont bite!

  • Experience : we started in 2003, so in 2020, its 17 years and counting...
  • Reputation : we pride ourselves in production and professional work integrity